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Flexible packaging supplier

Swiss Pack started its production in the early 80’s more than 30 years ago. Since then we grew up until we became the number 1 flexible packaging supplier worldwide. Our belief in the primary importance of quality is transmuted everyday in the continuous research and development of new packaging solutions. That to allows us to give our increasing customers a final product of insuperable quality, in good standing with all the strictest international standards.

Swiss Pack is in fact certified under ISO 9001/2000, and is in the process of certifying for ISO 18000 We offer a wide variety of products, in different styles, colours, sizes, in order to be able to respond to all the possible requests from our clients. These products are all ready to be shipped, being stocked in our warehouse, one of the biggest in the world, letting us send them in the shortest time. Moreover, for the most peculiar necessities, we give the customer the possibility to customize his product in his own way, regards all of its aspect, from colour to size to the graphic. Our state of the art machines and printers, in particular the latest 8 colour rotogravure printer, allow us to satisfy the most exigent of the customer.

Among our products are zip stand-up pouches, our most desired packaging, seal bags, with valve, the ideal for coffee, vacuum bags, for fresh products like meat, and spout pouches, for liquids. We also provide spoons, and shrinks, for a better personalization of your packaging. There is almost no necessity to which we are not able to respond, our products are used in vast range of fields, from alimentary products, both solid ad liquid, to cosmetic, medicinal and pharmaceutical, agriculture, hygiene, pet food.